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Haas TL-2 CNC Toolroom Lathe               16x48x16" swing

Caser radial drill press                             3' travel horizontal and vertical

G&L horizontal boring mill                        4" spindle, approx. 4 1/2' table travel,

                                                             5' height with digital readout

Bridgeport vertical mill                              Three total; two with digital readout

Cincinnati horizontal mill                          4' travel

Reed Prentice engine lathe                       9" swing, 3' length

LeBlond engine lathe                               9" swing, 4' length

Cam lathe                                                                                

Meuser & Co. engine lathe                       9" swing, 7' length

Warner & Swassey turret lathe                 10" swing, 3' length

Borematic automatic boring machine        

Noton O.D. grinder                                   6" O.D. and 3' length

Oilgear arbor press                                  6 1/8" ram

Natco multiple spindle drill machine

Bench drill presses

Parker Majestic #2 surface grinder

Hoists - 1/2 ton each

Inspection room

Paint booth

Welding booth

Air Leak Test Equipment


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